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VL03 (1986/87)
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Model / Title:  Penny
Age:  -  
Vital Statistics:  -- / - / -
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Video Details  
Fiona Cooper ID:  VL03 Style:  Classic-Style
Year Released:  1986/87
Other IDs:  0630     
    Definitions of Content Types
Solo / Multi / Both:  Solo Includes scenes with: 1 girl / More than 1 / A combination of the 2
Shiny & Slippery?  - Includes use of lotion, oil, soap, water and other liquids
Finger Fun?  - Masturbation with fingers in her pussy
Dildo Delight?  - Masturbation with any other object in her pussy
 Bum Fun with Fingers?  - Masturbation with fingers up her bum
 Bum Fun with Dildos?  - Masturbation with any other object up her bum
Wet Girl?  - Golden showers, watersports, etc
Fun with a Friend?  ? A guy is included in at least 1 scene - Degree of involvement varies
Other: Y Details will appear below if additional information is available
From Winter 1987 catalogue:
Penny is a superb girl who has toppled both Helen and Susie from their places as best sellers. New to us in early 1985 she has gone on to appear in Club, Mayfair, Razzle, Fiesta, Escort etc. under her modelling name of Anna-Marie. Here she appears in school uniform, being spanked, in various colours of tights etc.

Includes spanking

The description in the Winter 1987 catalogue notes that Penny first visited Fiona Cooper in early 1985, but this does not appear to tie in with what has been confirmed of the dating of the earliest Fiona Cooper videos. Penny also appeared (as Anne-Marie Eggleston) in Club, Mayfair, Escort, Men Only and other men's magazines, and those located all date from 1986-87. Therefore "early 1985" may be a slip for "early 1986"

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